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The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the varying levels of vulnerability countries, both developed and developing, face. It has tested the resilience of systems, both health and economy-wide systems to deal with and overcome shocks of global scale.  From the economic powerhouse of the USA, China, EU countries to MLICS of Latin America and SSA, we have witnessed the devastating effects of the pandemic, the resilience of countries to deal with it and the changes in economic and social development paradigm to deal with the new challenges.  In respect to Research and policy development, Covid-19 has challenged research institutions and researchers to generate knowledge that speaks not only to the daunting challenges of Covid-19  itself but also to policymakers in efforts to devise coping mechanisms to deal with the disruptive effects of the pandemic. Read More

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Women Economic Collectives, and Women saving groups during CV-19

Gender difference in COVID-19 Effects, Food security and Adaptive strategies

Renewable energy technologies for low-income enterprises and households

Digitalization platforms, Women and Youth Employment

The relationship between a Field Interviewer and A Respondent
is the key to success